Treat your type 2 diabetes with lifestyle medicine

Typical medical treatments for type 2 diabetes are often comprised of an ever-increasing regimen of medications that leave patients frustrated. Perhaps this has been your experience.

Lifestyle medicine has been shown to be effective for treating and even reversing diabetes. By making diet changes and adopting a healthier lifestyle, it is possible to greatly reduce the need for medication and sometimes even eliminate them altogether (see below). 

At our Clinics, we combine the latest advances in evidence-based lifestyle medicine for diabetes with compassionate medical care to help you address diabetes. If you're looking for a lifestyle-based, natural approach to diabetes, we are here to serve you.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is one of the fastest growing areas of modern medicine. The science is overwhelming: a healthy lifestyle is medicine. A healthy lifestyle doesn't only help prevent disease; it can also treat and even reverse disease. This type of medicine is effective, simple, inexpensive and has only positive side effects!

Scientific evidence for lifestyle medicine and diabetes

An overwhelming and continuously growing body of scientific research confirms the effectiveness of lifestyle-based approaches to treating and even reversing diabetes. 

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